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What is Injection Molding?

With the development of society and the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for the quality of injection molds is also increasing. The number of injection molds produced by mold factories is also increasing. Although we often use products processed by injection molds in our daily lives, many people do not have a deep understanding of injection molds. Today, let's introduce what injection molds are, what types and applications they have, and what is the current development status. Let's take a look together!

In short, molds from custom plastic injection molding are tools for producing plastic products. They are mainly used for mass production, and injection molds can conveniently and quickly provide complete structure and precise dimensions for plastic products.

Types of plastic injection molds

Since the use of plastic injection molds is very large and their applications are different, the classification is quite complicated. According to the molding characteristics, they can be divided into thermosetting injection molds and thermoplastic injection molds. According to the molding process, they can be divided into transfer molds, blow molds, casting molds, hot forming molds, hot pressing molds, and injection molds, etc.

Applications of injection molding

Most plastic products are produced by the injection molding. For many companies, injection molds are essential equipment for producing various plastic products. The products produced by the injection molding have the advantages of light weight, high strength, good toughness, corrosion resistance, good insulation, easy coloring, easy forming, and low cost, and have been widely used and loved by people. Nowadays, these plastic products have entered into the lives of ordinary people and are inseparable from their production and life. With the rapid development of the plastic industry, plastic products have been widely promoted and applied in various industrial sectors such as aviation, electronics, machinery, automobiles, and daily life. It can be said that plastic products have penetrated into various sectors of the national economy, and the trend of plasticizing parts is increasing, and all-plastic products have appeared one after another, becoming substitutes for metal products in many aspects. Whether in improving productivity and ensuring product quality, or in reducing costs and reducing labor intensity, injection molds have great advantages.

The current development status of injection molding

At present, the scale of some precision mold services factories in the market is not very large, and the quality of their finished products cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, most customers cannot distinguish between good and bad molds, and the phenomenon of price comparison frequently occurs, which leads to the production of low-end molds. Many customers may find quality problems after purchasing plastic injection molds for a period of time, but manufacturers are unwilling to provide maintenance services or refunds, and the market environment still needs to be improved.

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