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Singapore Molds Advantages

Singapore is a small country with a population of only 3 million, during the 80-90 's, Government attaches importance to and supports the development of precision molds, introduced a number of policies, so that industry can be rapid growth, contributed to Singapore's rapid economic development.Singapore has a variety of types of enterprises related to precision mould and precision machining for more than more than more than 1000 die annual output value of more than 4.5 billion yuan, in the mold industry in Asia has a very important influence and role. Molds listed more than 10 companies in the enterprise. Singapore enterprises with more than 65% mold is IT supporting the electronic industry, production of the mould is not large, but are of high precision, high levels of mold. Singapore framework for mold enterprises mainly in the semiconductor/packaging moulds, metal moulds, plastic moulds, silicone moulds, and other fields.

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