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Homemade Mooncakes Made Moon Cake Molds

High-end mid-autumn moon cakes this year selling cars, DIY mooncakes fires as we can be, but roasting up fine reckoning, DIY mooncakes cheaper is not necessarily better than bought cakes.

Yesterday, reporters in Taobao to lose people, "moon cake mold" search, found more than 12,000 pieces of classic merchandise, both wealth and luck, colour clouds chasing the moon cakes are traditional designs stencil, Pooh bear, pleasant goat, personalized designs, such as hearts, stars die.

Depending on the specification, design and simplified shapes, different plastic materials such as wood, a set of 35 precision craft molds, cost a few dollars to dozens of Yuan. Displays the transaction, sellers sold nearly a month of nearly 7,000 sets of moulds. "Last week the moon cake mold transaction indices and 3889.4% growth compared to the same period last year." Taobao said.

But the bakery's got talent Bill, homemade cakes cost does not necessarily cheap. For example, there are sellers baking material packaged in Canton style DIY kit, including moon cake mold and can do 20 egg yolk mooncake (80B100 g/a) materials for 92 Yuan. Materials costs 4.6 to something like a cake, not to mention cost of water, electricity, oven

Mooncake promotion this year is very large, in the supermarket, a 80B100 g egg yolk Lotus seed paste moon cake, discounts even after as long as three or four Yuan.

Bakery's got talent, "Ching Ning," says homemade cakes may not be cheap, but the emphasis is on atmosphere and without worrying about additives, and you can DIY mooncakes. She did LC11O ⅰ ttV style moon cakes.

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