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Japan Gradually Low-End Die Mould Industry Relocation

In order to reduce costs to keep profit, Japan die industry currently are low-end die out, leaving only the high-end products. In response to this phenomenon, this low end of the outward movement of mold industry model can not only solve Japan die high cost pressure, or you can open up the overseas market, enhanced in part on Japan mold of competitiveness in the world market.

Increased due to increase in prices of raw materials and labor costs, coupled with the impact of the financial crisis, collapse in global markets, countries of the world mold industry are subject to varying degrees of shock, mould industry profits are declining.

Japan die industry to keep profits while offering precision mold services, new industrial layout. Now Japan die industry is gradually shifting mold with high technology content is not produced with low labor costs, such as India, and Thailand, Myanmar and other countries, Japan domestic production of products with high technological content. Through the adjustment of the industrial structure, Japan speed up the transfer of technology to foreign low, high cost of mould enterprises, Japan reduced domestic low-end mold, and its sophisticated mold industry of domestic added value is very high, so Japan domestic mold industry profits have not been dropped.

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