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General Trend Of The Development Of Mould Processing Plants In Beijing

China's mold industry has made certain achievements, mould processing industry of Beijing industrial base is not solid mould industry is not yet mature, this is primarily reflected in the mold industry in China there are irrational structure and scattered industrial, high technology does not issue, which is China's mold industry belongs to rising industries, also takes a long time to develop, to continually improve ourselves.

Rising Chinese mold industry require ongoing management reforms. Luo Baihui believes that management should be radically reformed, breaking the mold industry in China by many unreasonable management factors and introducing advanced management methods, and to introduce advanced management expertise, train management personnel and management shortcomings in the progressive eradication of foundry industry in China and enhance international competitiveness.

1,increasingly large molded parts and parts of high productivity requires more than one mold cavity, resulting in increasingly large mould, large moulds of up to 100 tons gross tonnage, thousands of cavity die hundreds of cavities, requiring mold processing equipment, increase the y axis z axis stroke of table, large load and high rigidity, high consistency.

2,die machining steel material with high hardness, mold processing equipment with thermal stability, high reliability required.

3,multifunctional composite and complex cavity mold, with complications of the workpiece shape, had to raise the level of mold design and manufacture, a variety of grooves, a variety of materials in a mold forming or assemble a component of multifunctional composite mold would require machining programming procedures, with deep-hole cavity machining capability and high stability, improved processing difficulty.

4,processing equipment, mould fine composition, productivity is more of a matter of concern. High speed milling processing of cutting force in high, stable machining of hard materials, small, small deformation of workpiece temperature and many other advantages for high speed machining of mold enterprises increasing attention.

5,machine tool manufacturers introduced a static performance when processing in the mold of three dimensional surface, does not reflect the actual machining conditions. Three dimensional surface with high precision machining of molds and present the high dynamic accuracy performance requirements, high rigidity of high speed and high precision machine tools, thermal characterization, reliability and high quality of line control system was possible.

Based on a type of moulding equipment to mold design and therefore must be familiar with the various equipment of the performance characteristics, specifications,. For example, precision injection molding machine, in terms of specification should be aware of the following: injection volume, the clamping pressure, injection pressure, mold size and ejection and spherical radius dimensions, hole diameter of the nozzle and nozzle, sprue sleeve cage sizes, mould thickness and minimum thickness, template, travel and so on.

Hua Zecheng technology, in terms of technology, Beijing mould processing industry on the one hand they need to conduct scientific research, the other side you need to mold industry Park in China advanced mold technology, and digestion and absorption on the basis of existing technology, preferably secondary innovation, contributing in die manufacturing technology of new alternative technologies.

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