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Japan Mold Machine Tool Manufacturing Industry Entered A Period Of Recession

Japan big manufacturing industry boom judgment index a four-quarter plunge. Japan's Ministry of finance and the economic and social research and Training Institute for the joint investigation revealed that Japan 2012 year quarter of big manufacturing industry boom judgment index (BSI)-10.3, and 2.5 per cent in the third quarter. But large manufacturers expect the index will rise to 1.4 in the first quarter next year.

Since the last century 90 's Japan real estate and stock market bubble since the double whammy, Japan mold machine tools manufacturing continued to shrink, and shrink a huge amount. Asia Champions League, international model Association Secretary General Luo Baihui, head believes that Japan mold machine tools of the shrinkage of the manufacturing industry for a number of reasons, close to Asian countries, for example, competition, Japan the ageing of workers as well as the appreciation of the yen, and so on.

Luo Baihui Secretary-General, said: "in fact, since 2000, in the global manufacturing industry structure adjustment in the tide of change, Japan high precision mold challenges facing the machine tool manufacturing industry has already begun. "As semiconductor performance gains and advances in software industry, electronic industrial manufactures, as well as the rapid development of modular, manufacturing in Asia and other emerging economies develop and gradually in the world at an alarming rate base, narrowed with Japan manufacturing gap, thus exacerbating the developed economies and the emerging economies in terms of manufacturing competition.

The other hand, the demand side, the middle class in emerging economies is explosive growth, its shares rising demand in the global market. Compared with advanced economies, emerging markets there are differences in product design, pricing and so on. Therefore, how to grasp the characteristics of the market demand, cut production and development costs, and accelerate the pace of research and development, have become Japan mold machine tool manufacturing industry development faces important challenges in the future.

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