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Mold Industry To Catch Up With The Advanced Countries

At present, the metal stamping industry development in the country distinctive, large, sophisticated, complex products as the industry mainstream, technology of mold spare parts production will continue to improve, has continued to improve the manufacturing cycle, stamping molding die production will continue in information, digital development direction, precision, high speed and automation industry comprehensive strength and significantly improve the core competence.

Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui International mould said cheap Chinese stamping die is very popular in the international market, domestic stamping die mold in import and export volume in China occupies the second important position. Imports and exports as a percentage of total stamping die mould and 40.33% respectively, has become an international field of stamping die one of the major exporting countries.

The stamping industry is constantly chasing the world advanced level, constantly narrow the technology gap with the developed countries, many home-made precision stamping mould have been able to and imported products at the main performance comparable to industry overall level significantly improved, not only achieving import substitution, but also a large proportion of production exported to the United States, and Japan and other industrialized countries and regions.

At present, China's precision stamping dies are positive towards the international stage, participation in international competition. Although there are some gaps and developed countries, but according to the current development of domestic industry tips, the next few years, domestic stamping die industry will surpass, become the backbone of promoting the development of Chinese mold industry, enhance the overall technological level of industry to a higher level of development.

Mold industry to further enhance the technical and technological level, will significantly enhance the ability of domestic enterprises to grasp the market, thereby 5-10 years in the future to achieve industrial scale and technical level of double quantity.

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