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Mold Monitor Application In Injection Molding

In the Production, due to thimble, and sliding block no in place or products no full release and led to of pressure die situation award-winning ban more than, let engaged in scene of technicians headache was; due to pressure die frequently appeared, to mold of maintenance, and repair cost is high, reduced repair die cost is boss consider up of control production cost way one of; due to pressure die, and repair die led to of duration delays, to let sales personnel concerns cannot on time delivery, effect customer row drive; mold of bad, actually implicated has all sector work can by mass by volume periodical completed.

Mold protection device (die monitor) can detect from the precision mould, once the test to one of the following situations occur, police immediately shut down to prevent die.

1. Closed before the die hole, core, the product is a residue test.

2. Sliders, thimble returning set pieces are in place for testing.

3. Testing the plugin inserted is correct.

4. Ejector for less broken for testing.

5. Whether the product has short or rough edge detection.

6. The product is exactly the release for testing.

7. High precision required of the product, product size is eligible for testing.

8. A point product is missing for testing.

9. Multiple product process color is correct for testing.

10. To prevent the slightest imperfection, consecutive: you can set how many bad products to stop production downtime.

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