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Plastic Mould Industry Rapid Development Of Product Applications Broad

Kunshan bright plastic molds, professional presentations, in recent years, the proportion of plastic molds in mold industry as a whole is about 30%, you can say that rapid development, prospects are quite good, according to industry statistics, 2012 production of nearly 60 million tons of plastic products in China, but also in the growth process, hence domestic demand on China's mould industry has a huge boost.

Influenced by national policies and continued expansion of market space, automotive, IT industry, packaging industry witnessed rapid development in recent years, not only in terms of production capacity has been greatly developed, high-end, and in these industries also have made great progress, therefore, the industry in three aspects of low-end high school has a strong demand for mold.

90% over to use the stencil in the auto manufacturing, 90% above for the moulding of plastic products, many of the IT industry also needs to be molded plastic parts, Kunshan bright plastic molds, and internal demand is continuing to promote the development of China's mold industry.

At present, the precision plastic molding industry in the 15%~20% annual trend growth, largely thanks to China's automobile, appliance, IT industry, packaging, building materials, daily necessities mold development of large user industries.

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