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Pearl River Delta Will Become The Future Of Mould Manufacturing Center Of The World

Manufacturing is the creator of mold industry market space, is the engine of development of mold industry, is the source of mold industry profits. China has the world's largest manufacturing industry, large manufacturing system meant that every year in China for the world mold industry to create enormous market space.

Mold making industry in product manufacture occupies a special place in the system, their level of development determines the overall level of manufacturing. Under the new statistical standards, the National Bureau of statistics, 2011 mold manufacturing industry enterprises above designated size 1589; a sales revenue of 163.988 billion yuan, an increase of 27.35%; total profit of 10.71 billion yuan, an increase of 13.76%; industry assets reached 139.482 billion yuan.

Mold manufacturing industry as competition intensifies in the world, with the development of mould industry layout of globalization in recent years, Japan and the United States as the world's two largest molds production countries, speed up the pace of overseas development; mould in its national industrial output value, the weight of the show declining trend,But Japan and the United States die in high-end products still occupies an important place in the world. Mould manufacture Center of gravity as the developed countries to transfer to China as the representative of the developing countries, Chinese mold industry grew rapidly, but also further exacerbated the industry's competitive position。

Pearl River Delta is located in the southeastern coast, waterway transportation is convenient, is China Open the first area, modern Chinese mold industry, is also germination. At present, not only has China's largest production base for molds in the PRD, also sitting on the most advanced precise molding technology in China, coupled with the mold industry gradually shifted to American and European countries, prompted the development of mold industry in the Pearl River Delta together in full swing.

China is the world's largest producer of molds, is also the largest consumer of mold, but production of die in China in addition to supply to domestic manufacturing industries, also in large quantities exported to developed countries and third world countries. Most of the manufacturing the moulds used are mostly from the Pearl River Delta in China,Export mould enterprises in China are mostly located in the Pearl River Delta region. Current mold industry has continued to develop the PRD region, the Pearl River Delta with its unique charm, attract more die companies, with further development of Pearl River Delta mould industry, exports expanded, Pearl River Delta will become the mold manufacturing center of the world in the future.

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