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Mold Accessories Low Carbon Road And Actively Expand Domestic Market

At present, the mold has strong competitiveness. Maximum advantages and strengths of both to private enterprise, but also the traditional industry. Enter the high-end market is inseparable from high-tech.

With the development of Chinese mold industry, increasingly fierce competition from the provinces, precision mould began to appear disorderly competition in the industry, structural grade a low hardware cost, product and technical content are the disadvantages is increasingly apparent. In the 1960 of the 20th century mould industry began to rise in the South China Sea, peaked late 80 's. Die bar very low, doesn't need anything technical, 30,000 yuan to buy some old equipment can open mold processing plants on a family cottage. After more than 40 years of development, all kinds of mould processing enterprises have thousands of families, mostly labour-intensive small businesses.

Domestic private mould enterprise with advanced equipment resources, technology applications more advanced, new technology can be widely used in the industry, rapidly, from design to production, heat treatment, and other related materials, the formation of industrial chain and integration advantages. However, the current mold enterprises owing to funding shortfalls and lacks its own brand, molds the enterprise will increase investment in management and technology, expanding the proportion of high-end products such as mold spare parts, and the establishment of domestic sectors, actively expanding domestic market.

Mould industry recycling economy pilot goes ahead, the principle of minimization, recycling, resources into, focus on reduction of resource consumption and waste emissions, actively implement the preferential policy of comprehensive utilization of national resources, waste batteries, reuse of waste household appliances, old furniture, bamboo and wood processing residues, sludge and mining waste, sewage treatment plant of stainless steel processing waste utilization. Develop circulating economy to promote cleaner production, is an important manifestation of the low carbon economy.

Mold industry will from past main relies on scale expansion and number increased of extensive type development mode, to main relies on technology progress and improve products quality and the level for focus of fine Yi type development mode changes, from to introduced digestive absorption international advanced technology mainly of development mode to introduced digestive absorption and improve autonomous innovation capacity both of development mode changes; from to skills type mainly of industry features to to technology type and modern enterprise type mainly of industry features of changes; strongly advance innovation drive of development way, Actively cultivate and develop new sources of growth.To devote major efforts to developing modern manufacturing services, actively and steadily extended development tooling as the core of the upstream and downstream industry chain, support mould industry cluster in construction, attention to coordination with the manufacture of rational distribution, and gradually form a complementary and coordinated development of industry structure.

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