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Chinese Mold The Throes Of Transformation Needed Time

All industrialized countries, most importance to the development of mould manufacturing, especially the mold machine tools. However, the current lack of China's mold industry technology, transformation and upgrading of roads, though there have begun, but is also getting into the throes, enterprises also need to be waiting for the right time to achieve reversal.

In the case of current domestic and international economic situation is still uncertain, more than more than 3,000 die standard-not small business enterprises are facing pressures and development puzzle, business slowdown occurred, with more signs of insufficient effectiveness fell and development potential. "The more in these critical times, companies should take the initiative to adjust and respond, play to their own advantages, early introduction of industrial upgrading, the only way to ensure the continued healthy and stable development of enterprises. "Mold expert Luo Baihui noted that mold standard parts enterprises in adjusting economic structure, growth for the overall objectives, on the intellectual, methodological, measures, structural, technological innovation, achieve the industrial upgrading of standard mould industry opened up new field of mold standard parts industry in China.

From Luo Baihui point of view, China's mold industry supply chain is not perfect. "Low levels of supply chain, materials, energy, mold parts, tools, packaging, and other links are very difficult to meet the growing demand, the vicious cycle of formation of industrial, force businesses to do only the low-end products. "He said, on the high-end, Enterprise product supply can not meet the market demand in China, a lot of dependence on imports.

With the increasingly high quality of industrial products, so for mould design requirements are becoming more stringent, however, made the mold in terms of quality, technology has made remarkable achievements and progress. Pain in the face, tolerate China's mold industry in transition period of old and new technology failures of hybrid, backward enterprises bankruptcy problems, to do a good work in cooperation with Government, and active coordination of relevant departments, to play a facilitating role, ensure the success of Chinese mold industry through the transition.

In fact, inevitably there will be some "pain". New technologies replace the old technology will inevitably arise in the course of new and old technologies coexisting phenomena. Experts say the "labor pains" was the challenge for Chinese mold industry, even more opportunities. Going through the throes of, China's precision mould industry will go more solid sound.

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