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Germany Technology Advantage

Germany renowned for its exquisite processing is known for its craftsmanship and precision machinery, tools of production, the mold industry also exemplifies this characteristic.

For complex precision mould that connotations of industry, after years of practice and exploration, Germany die manufacturers formed a consensus: congruity is an industry-wide effort, tapping development potential together to carry forward the innovative spirit, common technical progress, learn from each other and played good overall advantage to industry success. In addition, to meet the needs of today's rapid development of new products, in Germany not only large companies have established a new development centre, and many SMEs are also doing active doing research and development work for clients. In research in Germany are always active, become the important basis for the undefeated in the international market. In the fierce competition, Germany die industry for many years to keep a strong position in the international market, export rate has remained steady at about 33%.According to Germany, the mold industry organization--Germany machinery manufacturers Association (VDMA) die Association statistics, Germany die about 5,000 homes, 2003 Germany mold production value amounted to 4.8 billion euros. (VDMA) member of die and mold Enterprise 90, 90 key mold Enterprise output value accounted for Germany mold production value of 90%.

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