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Increased Demand Of Domestic Injection Molds Still Need To High-End Development

Mold is mainly used for forming of thermoplastic plastics, in recent years, more and more used in thermosetting plastic molding. Injection molding of plastic products in the possession of great proportion of plastic molding die production, approximately half are molds.

However, as the market competition intensified, design has become an important part of casing wall thickness, color, feel, precision, new demands have been made.

Industry insider generally felt that large, precise, rational design (mainly for thin-wall products) injection mold would be welcomed by markets in the future, it is understood that the appliance industry during the 35 required for household electric appliance industry is expected annual growth rate of about 10% of mold, which will promote the development of Chinese mold industry to a large extent.

In addition, the domestic automobile and motorcycle industry the automotive industry, 2012 total output exceeded 3.25 million cars, compared with growth of about 38.49%, faster than the amazing, auto mould market potential is huge.

Currently, large-scale precise molds manufacturing capacity in China is not enough domestic model upscale sedan covered in almost all imported products. Therefore, development of high scientific and technological content of large precision mould of automobile Panel is important work for the future.

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