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Plastic Mould Industry Stalled In China Attributed To Four Factors

In recent years, plastic mould industry has developed rapidly in China, reflected in the technological content of products and continuously improve, shrinking of the manufacturing cycle. Compared with foreign advanced level of plastic mould, however, there are still big gaps. China plastic mould industry development stagnated, attributed to four factors:

1. Subject to a mould steel product upgrade international suppliers of moulds and metal and plastic industries Association Executive Secretary General Luo Baihui said, as the global economic recovery, rapid development of mold industry, mold industry to achieve higher growth this year, 2011 mould industry is in a stable development, are expected to grow more than 18%, so mold industry will also continue to increase the total demand for steel. Luo Baihui noted that mould industries are iron and steel industry and stable users, but also to the prime movers on iron and steel products upgrades, mold industrial upgrading and to some extent subject to variety of high-grade steel products, quality and service. Foreign steel production more than 80% the use of vacuum refining and production of electro-slag remelting, steel purity and high, while domestic production of die steel by electro-slag remelting share very little, about one-tenth. Mold steel yield in 85%~90% of the developed countries, while domestic yield of only 70%.

2. Subject to mold specialization, standardization of stage automobile mould standardization. Auto mould base is provided by the professional manufacturer of molds, mold the commercialization rate of more than 70%, there are still many enterprises specializing in mold standard parts, auto mould standard parts up to hundreds of, such as Germany, and Japan mold of standardized rate of 85%. Large mould standardization of die and mold enterprise in China is approximately 25%~30%. Mould standardization has become one of restricting domestic bottlenecks in mould manufacturing period, also affected the competitiveness of domestic mould.

3. Subject to the precision molds, life and manufacturing cycle Japan Automobile mould accuracy can be up to 0.02mm, plastic mould parting surface of precision control in 0.01mm, while domestic brands of automobile mould, automobile die 0.03~0.05mm precision control; plastic precision dies for mould-parting surface in about 0.03mm. Germany ~20 mold manufacturing cycle in 2 weeks, stock 4-5 day tryout 2-3 day. Japan and South Korea mold cycles of 2 weeks, because they have specialized mold accessories, slider, top rail, gate components, which can be bought and domestic standardization of parts do not, some parts machining accuracy does not meet the requirements.

4. Subject to the level of management innovation of the enterprise overall quality of staff, Germany, and Japan mold company the vast majority of employees are university graduates or trained, at least 10 years of experience, high proportion of mould Enterprise technicians, most enterprises in the 25%, above 50%, many enterprise employees often interchange in technology and production positions.Chinese mold whose employees lack training and high-end CNC machine tools of technology for high-tech skills training, to a certain extent, this also affected the utilization of high-end equipment. Mold business technicians are underrepresented, most enterprises between 15%~20% and comprehensive development and lower capacity. In addition, Enterprise new product development attaches great importance to Germany and Japan, mould factory often developed together with the material manufacturers, product manufacturers, and injection molding machine factory will work with material manufacturers to develop new models; brand name suppliers of plastics with brand-name car companies jointly developed new products replacing steel with plastic. This kind of cooperation, the enterprise has a strong research and development capabilities. Chinese enterprises more in innovation, research and development capabilities.

Conclusion: future where is the direction of development of industry of plastic mold, plastic mold manufacturing industry in our country has a lot of potential, which needs time to verify.

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