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Guangdong Precision Mould Manufacturing Is In The Domestic Leading Position

In recent years, the obvious mold manufacturing industry has experienced rapid growth in China, especially in Guangdong, in the mold making is in the domestic leading level, and even experts expect, future, Guangdong will gradually break Japan's monopoly is a world leading level in this regard.

It is learned that in the course of development over the years, Guangdong in terms of precision injection molding has accumulated a considerable group of technicians and management personnel, and in this sophisticated talent along with the level of precision mould manufacturing enterprise in Guangdong is expanding all the time. Will soon be fully meet with the miniaturization of components and precision requirements increase, some Mold Machining accuracy tolerances on the market at 1 micron Superfinishing requires, so experts "within the next ten years, precision mould manufacturing in Guangdong are likely to replace Japan Enterprise status" forecast is most likely.

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