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How To Improve The Service Life Of Precision Plastic Mold

In the modern machinery manufacturing industry mold industry has become a very important industry in the national economy, the development and production of many new products, to a large extent rely on plastic injection mold making technology, especially in the automotive, light industry, electronics and aerospace industries are particularly important. The strength of precision plastic mold manufacturing capacity and the level of precision mould manufacturing has become one of the important symbols to measure the level of machinery manufacturing technology of a country, which directly affects the development of many sectors in the national economy. The development of modern industry, the demand for mold technology is getting higher and higher. Minimizing the die cost and improving the service life of stamping dies has become an important research topic in the industry. Therefore, the main working zero work of the die (such as the convex and concave die of the punching die) requires high guiding accuracy, good concentricity and neutrality and reasonable clearance for punching. In the mold design, should focus on the following considerations.

1. Reasonable design of precision plastic moulds. Only if the mold design is reasonable, can give full play to the proper performance of the material, which is the basis for preventing premature failure of the mold.

2. Reasonable selection of materials for the mold. The correct choice of mold materials is also an effective measure to improve the service life and reduce production costs.

3. Improve the quality of heat treatment and surface treatment. The life of the mold is largely executed by the quality of heat treatment. Toughening treatment and surface strengthening treatment to improve the life of the die is the most effective.

4. Improve the structure of equipment and extrusion conditions, improve the working environment. Extrusion process method, process parameters, working conditions are also directly affect the life of the die.

5. Reasonable use and maintenance of the die. Advanced die repair methods, die repair technology and die repair tools, the organic combination of die repair and nitriding treatment, is also a way to significantly improve the service life of the die.

6. Strengthen quality management. Establish and improve the scientific management system of work moulds, and do regular maintenance and repair.

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