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China's Mold Industry All The More Tough

China's mold industry since its development, an average growth rate of over 15% per year, higher than the national GDP average more than 1 time. In recent years, due to electrical and mechanical, automotive and other developments in the field, led China's mould industry's rapidly growing, mold has been basically established in China's market economy status, but also become the new investment areas of world wide.

According to the International Association Secretary-General of the mould, mould industry renowned expert Luo Baihui observation, capital of the world has stepped up its infiltration of the Chinese mold industry, international industry giants have arrangement for Chinese market, mould enterprises of our country in the future at the same time, will face fierce competition.

Because mould standardization work in China has started relatively late, die standard-production, marketing, promotion and application of relatively backward, accompanied by fewer die standard-specification, supply delays, poor compatibility issue has been beholden to the long-term development of domestic mould, and for these reasons directly led to the mold standard parts with low coverage rates in more developed countries. Although it has improved in recent years, but compared to Japan and the United States, and Germany and other developed countries still has a large gap.

Although international 70% more coverage than there is a big difference, but compared to before there has been a lot of progress. Die standard geographical coverage to the Pearl River Delta, especially the Guangdong mold coverage is much higher than other parts of the enterprise standard mould mould enterprises.

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