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Mobile Phone High Precision Mold Next Month Into Chengdu Era

World's leading OEM companies, Fortune 500 Flextronics group in the construction of double-precision mold production base in West China is about to begin next month was formally put into production. Yesterday, the Chengdu commercial daily news reporter learned from the shuangliu County, service partners including Apple, Microsoft, such as Flextronics, double-base has almost completed construction of production lines, for all major smart phones, tablets, game consoles and other products specified precision mould, it also means that electronic high precision mold to achieve "Chengdu".

As the world's leading OEM companies, Flextronics's clients include Apple, Microsoft, Cisco and other from IT, medical, aircraft and other industries are a large number of well-known enterprises.

"Run a number of places, eventually settled in Chengdu. "Flextronics in charge say, Chengdu has a relatively complete talent package basis and, secondly, Chengdu had attracted a large number of IT companies, such as Intel, industry chain to take shape, more complete supply chain, and around the Park has been the formation of industrial clusters. Therefore, Flextronics Group decided to dual-stream construction precision mold production base in West China, develop and plan for the future 3 years as large manufacturing plants.

According to reports, Flextronics shuangliu base an investment of 250 million Yuan. The whole project covers an area of 50 acres, now has almost completed construction of production lines, working on device debugging. In accordance with the ongoing process of construction, expected next month, the first-stage project will be formally put into production, after production of the annual sales income will be no less than 150 million Yuan. Base will be mainly engaged in include tablet computers, smartphones, games consoles and other high-end electronic consumer products mold manufacturing.Compared with ordinary mold, Flextronics shuangliu limitless features precision mould base production is "software controlled", will achieve full computerization, 4 times times higher than traditional mould precision, service life is 5 times times the traditional products.

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