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Homemade Cakes Mooncake Mold Into Fashion Hot Market

Near the Mid-Autumn Festival, mooncakes are listed. In addition to supermarkets, shopping site promotional activities have also been carried out on the cake. Reporters found many young people began to keen on DIY mooncake, enjoy the fun of DIY.

Autumn comes, Moon began to sell like hot cakes. Coupon site with its affordable prices attracted the attention of many netizens. Yesterday, reporters login lashou, American network, moon cake prices ranging from 30 to 100 Yuan. Purchased a mooncake has more than 1000 persons.

However, many netizens expressed his special hand-made moon cakes. "First experience of moon quarter currently doing 102 and 6 flavors! Add pure nature, high-end atmosphere on the grade, understated luxury connotations! ”

More and more people interested in DIY mooncakes, which made moon cake mold in the best selling online. Journalists in Taobao enter "moon cake mold" words, there has been a lot of related products, precision craft molds of various materials ranging in price from ten Yuan to dozens of Yuan. Zhejiang Hangzhou is a shop selling autumn baking cakes hand-compression four-piece suit, at 33.8 Yuan, monthly sales volume more than 4,000 pieces. "Die well, wanted to eat moon cakes yourself, no longer had to worry about food safety issues. "A Netizen who commented.

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