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Japan Experienced Mould Experts For Chinese Enterprises To Interrogation Resolving

Ninghai County, Zhejiang Province science and technology week opened on 2nd second talent, Japan plastic mold first futianguangxing 4 Japan experienced mould experts coming to China "mould hometown" in ninghai County, for mould Enterprise visits the local resolving and establishing long-term mechanism for exchanges and cooperation.

It is understood that the ninghai County has more than 3,000 mould enterprises, more than 50,000 employees, but which has intermediate and Bachelor of fewer than 300 people. At the same time, tooling companies and 75% share of exports abroad, but mostly for low-end products, international competitiveness is relatively weak.

Academician, famous mold experts to attend the opening ceremony, said Shen Changyu, mold is the mother of industry, precision mould manufacturing business is labour-intensive and technology-intensive enterprises. Ninghai mold enterprises scattered, uneven size, low value-added products, the majority of enterprises in difficult situations and development. Therefore, first to Japan, Europe and other countries introduce foam molding, polished with no trace, new technologies such as 3D printing, followed by the established mechanism for cooperation between schools and enterprises, orders to develop multi-level talent; the last businesses from low value-added to high added value, low energy, high energy transition.

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