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China's Mold Industry Increasingly Large

In recent years, the prices of China's mould industry has been rapidly growing, but in the medium and low-end of global supply chain Division of State are difficult to change in the short term, high input, high consumption, high pollution and low efficiency, low efficiency because of the extensive development highlights, still fragile industrial base, China wants to become a manufacturing power to go.

In recent years, although China's mold manufacturing technology continues to improve and perfect, but what is undeniable is, casting mold and die industry in our country there are still many problems, these issues restrict the industry's sustainable development has become a stumbling block to development of mold industry. Mold-related experts believe that restricting the development of China's die-casting industry at present mainly because of domestic casting mould material use still has many shortcomings.

Technical backwardness, is development of die casting mold and die industry in China has been hampered by very large; domestic product overall level is not high. Domestic products from the cavity surface roughness, precision, production cycles, such indicators as life expectancy, with foreign advanced level there is still a wide gap between them. Secondly, the lack of own production of well-known brands. National casting mould enterprises are small, low industrial concentration and irrational structure, weak independent innovation capacity, equipment and technological backwardness, lack of business groups with core competence and international brands.Third, backward technology and equipment and management levels. Although some mould enterprises after years of technological innovation, level advanced process equipment, process equipment, but most companies are still lags behind.

Matching system of die casting mold industry in our country is not perfect. Are the factors restricting China's aluminum alloy die-casting industry bottlenecks, Chinese aluminum die only broke through a bottleneck, and research and development, constantly adjusting development way in order to have their place in the international market.

Increasingly large metal die industry in China, is due to requirements for high productivity. In order to improve the efficiency of production and development of "more than one mold cavity" technology is being used more and more widely used. Apparently, the same injection process can simultaneously manufacture several products at once, double the productivity of natural. Another reason is the increasingly large parts, which directly led to the high precision mold must be larger.

Mold large, and digital and the ecological energy of has been is important development trend, high strength Board and ranged thick laser welding Board of stamping forming technology application has increasingly General, high strength plate hot stamping forming and large aluminum Board stamping forming technology in car production in the of application also increasingly increased; due to high-speed punch of run speed increasingly high, IC feet from increasingly fine, received plug-in precision increasingly high and volume increasingly small, so super precision processing in further development.

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