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Chinese Mold Industry Is Driven By World Mold Industry Development

In recent years, the information industry, new energy, aerospace industry, medical equipment, high speed rail, and other branches of industry and industry mold mold has a strong dependence of.

In addition, as the world mold industry transfer to China, not only expands the production capacity of Chinese mold industry, to improve the overall level of China's mold industry, enhance the visibility of China's mold industry to increase international market share of our products.According to Chinese mold NET understanding Germany Hella mold, Japan Toyota mold factory, Finland mold manufacturing giants have in recent years settled in Belrose mould factory.Stationed most of these mould enterprises is an internationally renowned brand in China, and its production of excellent quality, high scientific and technological content.But since China's mold industry in the process of development of neglected, industrial structure, capacity problems, plight of mold industry caught in a stalled state.

High-end international presence of mold industry enhance the overall strength of Chinese mold industry, to China's mould industry has advanced production technology and management experience. These mold-making giant in the country of production, molds from China's entry to the world, improves the visibility in the world of precision mould in China.

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