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Mold Road Bumps But Has A Bright Future

Thanks to China's automobile, electronics, IT industry, packaging, building materials, daily necessities mold development of large user industries, current mold industry market in China is developing rapidly, and that each year a 15%~20% trend in growth.

Subject to state a number of policies and the market continues to expand, cars, IT industry, packaging industry's momentum very rapidly in recent years, not only in terms of capacity development, and the industry has made considerable progress in terms of high-end, therefore, the low end on the high school has a strong mold needs three ways.

90% more than you want to use in the auto manufacturing molds, plastic products 90% above will be made by molding, many of the IT industry also requires the molding of plastic parts, according to industry statistics, 2012 production of nearly 60 million tons of plastic products in China, and continues to grow in the process, this shows that domestic demand has a great impetus to China's mold industry.

Professionals expert in precision injection molding think that these internal demand is continuing to promote the development of China's mold industry. So China mould industry challenge to a lot, but the prospects are very good.

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