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Mold Manufacturing Intelligent Help Terminal Industry Development

Mold manufacturing level directly affecting the quality of terminals is good or bad, especially in the Terminal occupies an important position in terms of precision, Shanghai Union express company believes that accompanies Chinese mold industry more and more intelligent, precise direction of development, in part to improve the Terminal industry manufacturing standards in China.

To adaptation market competition have constantly increased, in recent years my precision mould manufacturing is experience with important of changes, as mold of large production to by market or customer requirements flexible production changes; mold design and control system individual independent to design and control system integrated one changes; in somewhere production to globalization procurement and production changes; manufacturing factory on quality, and cost, and efficiency and security of requirements also in constantly improve, these changes is promote mold industry in the automation technology of development and application into new of stage, Intelligent development stage.Shanghai Jie electric think that it is precisely this shift to bring Terminal to the intelligent manufacturing, automation of production process of also improving.

So-called intelligent manufacturing equipment is a perception, analysis, decision making, and control of manufacturing equipment, intelligent mold is a perception, analysis, decision making, and control, sensor, temperature control function of stamping moulds, die-casting moulds, has a temperature controlling function, injection parameters and mould flow control means such as manufacturing of injection molds, are intelligent mold.As China's low-cost human resources cannot sustain and continuous development of the level of science and technology, automation and intelligent manufacturing is bound to become an important development direction of modern manufacturing, rapid development of intelligent mold will follow. Intelligent mold products can further improve product quality and production efficiency, more material, automated production and green manufacturing. Shanghai Lian Jie believed that manufacture environmental protection promote the electrical connection terminal of green production and green industry technology development.

Therefore, intelligent mold while the current total is not much, but on behalf of die technology development of new direction, in terms of product structure adjustment and transformation of development mode of industry will play an increasingly important role. Intelligent tooling development well, bound to raise the standards of fast mold industry as a whole played a strong role in promoting, therefore, priority development of intelligent mould is particularly necessary in industry development. Union express view electrical connection terminals industry using more sophisticated molds, is also imperative.

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