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Italy Analysis Of Die Technology Advantage

According to international suppliers of moulds and metal and plastic industries Association Executive Secretary General Luo Baihui introduction, application of high technology in mold designing and manufacturing, has become Italy rapid manufacturing of precision mould a powerful guarantee. Italy mould enterprises, CAD/CAE/CAM, high-speed machining, rapid prototyping and rapid tooling technology has become widely applied technology.

1、Extensive use of CAD/CAE/cam shows led by information technology and enhance the advantages of mould industry. In the CAD application, has to be beyond lost early stages of drawing board, two-dimensional drawings, 3D designs now has reached 70%~89%. PRO/E, UG, CIMATRON software application are popular。These software applications can not only complete 2D design, 3D models are available simultaneously, provided guarantees for NC programming and CAD/CAM integration. 3D design application, can also interfere with the design-time Assembly checks ensure the rationality of design and craftsmanship. The universal application of CNC machine tools, has guaranteed the mold part machining accuracy and quality. 30~50 people die and mold enterprise, generally with CNC machine tools more than more than 10. Numerical control machining of the parts can be assembled directly after, the number of Assembly fitter is significantly reduced. CAE technology in Italy has gradually matured. Application of CAE in injection mold design analysis software, simulation of plastic die process, analysis of cooling process, predicting molding defects that may occur in the process. Application of CAE in stamping die design software, simulation of metal deformation processes, analysis of the distribution of stress and strain, prediction of defects such as cracking, wrinkling and springback. The increasing role of the CAE technology in design of mould, Italy COMAU company using CAE techniques, testing time reduced by more than 50%.

2、In order to shorten molding cycles, improve market competitiveness, widespread adoption of high-speed cutting technology. High speed cutting is with high cutting speed, feed rate and high processing quality as the main characteristics of the processing technology, its processing efficiency to be several times higher than conventional cutting technology, even a dozen times. At present, Italy in the production of dies and moulds used CNC high speed milling, comparison of three-axis, there are five axes, speed generally 15,000 ~3 r/min. Use of high speed milling technology, can greatly shorten the lead time. After finishing of high speed milling of mold, you only need some polishing may be used, saving a lot of grinding and polishing time. Italy mould enterprises attach great importance to technological advances and equipment renewal. General equipment depreciation period to 4-5. Increase of CNC high speed milling machines was the focus of mould enterprise equipment investment.

3、Rapid prototyping and rapid tooling technologies-universal application. Because of the increasingly fierce market competition, accelerating product, rapid prototyping and rapid tooling technology came into being, and rapid access to commonly used. In Italy, Europe and mold exhibition, rapid prototyping and rapid tooling technologies occupies a very prominent position, SLA, SLS, FDM, and LOM and various types of rapid prototyping equipment, specializing in providing prototyping services to institutions and companies.

4、There is the combination of rapid prototyping and rapid tooling technology applied in mould manufacturing in the precision moulding company, which involves the use of rapid prototyping and manufacturing components for prototype. Based on rapid prototype manufacturing of the mold. Many manufacturers use rapid prototyping of plastic mold pouring silicone, for a small number of plastic parts, very appropriate for the manufacture of the product.

Italy industry of plastics and rubber processing machinery and moulds is Italy machinery manufacturing Alliance one of the 10 special-purpose machinery manufacture industry and Italy plastics and rubber processing machinery and moulds industry with more than 500 employees of the European patent, high degree of specialization, leading technology, product diversity, and offers a variety of value-added services for our customers. According to Luo Baihui introduced, Italy of die and mold enterprise, annual sales of 100,000 dollars or more per capita. At present, the Italy of plastics and rubber processing machinery and moulds industry production value accounted for 16.5% of 10 industry output value of the machinery manufacturing Union. At the same time, Italy export destinations of plastics and rubber processing machinery and moulds is still dominated by EU, share of exports in total exports 47%.

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