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Mold Opening Development Of Space

In recent years, the information industry, aerospace industry, new energy, medical devices, high-speed rail and other branches of industry and industry mold industry has a strong dependence on mold.Required accessory products such as aerospace components and rail transport related products moulds, LED us supporting dies and molds and a variety of energy-efficient motors silicon steel sheet stamping die machining related products such as next-generation information technology industries of precision and ultra-precision molds with features such as sensor.Bio-medical devices industry precision ultra-precision molds; highlights with no trace of energy saving and environmental protection industries and in-mold Assembly decorative molds, multicolor injection molds, multi-layer composite moulds, multifunctional composite high performance moulds, and so on, for mold industry has brought about tremendous room for market development. The rapid development of the industry of precise molding, will bring new development opportunities to mold industry. These industries to enter, will give new impetus to the development of mold industry, open the breakthrough in the development of mold industry, driving the development of mold industry of our country.

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