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Development With 5 Distinct Characteristics Of Injection Mold Manufacturing

With other kinds of mould stamping mould, casting mould, plastic injection mold manufacturing with 5 distinct features, analysis as follows:

1 、Cavity and core of solid surface

External and internal shape of the plastic parts are formed directly by the cavity and core, these relatively large-dimensional complex surface processing difficulty, especially within the cavity of blind hole-forming surface, if the use of the traditional processing methods, required not only high technical level for workers, auxiliary tools and fixtures, cutting tools, and processing cycle long.

2、Requires high precision and surface quality, long service life

General plastics parts dimension precision requirements for IT6-7 currently, surface roughness Ra0.2-0.1 μ m, the corresponding size precision injection mold parts meet the IT5-6 and surface roughness of Ra0.1 μ m 。Surface roughness to reach laser disk record mirror 0.02-0.01 μ m which requires the level of die surface roughness up to 0.01 μ m 。Long-life plastic injection mold is necessary to improve efficiency and reduce costs, the life of current injection molds generally require more than 1 million times. Rigidity for precision injection molding die, increasing the thickness of the template, increase the support column or cone-shaped anchor elements to prevent deformation after the mold under pressure and sometimes internal pressure of 100MPa.

Ejection are key factors affecting deformation and dimensional accuracy of products, so you should select the best knock out so evenly release .Most of the high-precision injection mold structure using insert or spelling structure, this requires precision, interchangeable moulds are greatly improved.

3 、Long process, manufacturing time

For purposes of injection plastic parts, mostly with other parts form the product, and in many cases are in the other part has been completed, eagerly awaiting the injection support listing.

Because to accuracy of shape or size of the product is very high, due to resin materials vary in features, after the completion of mold manufacture, also repeated testing and modification, development and delivery time very tight.

4 、Distributed design, offsite manufacture

Mold making is not a final goal, but the user made the final product design, mold manufacturers according to the user's requirements, design and manufacture of molds and, in most cases, injection production for the products of other manufacturers .This resulted in product design, mold design and manufacturing and the production of products distributed.

5 、Specialisation, dynamic combination

Mold production quantities of small, generally belong to the single-part production, but the mold causes many standard parts, mould, small as thimbles, which cannot and must not by only one manufacturer alone, and the complex manufacturing process, common equipment and used CNC equipment is highly uneven.

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