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Small And Medium Sized Mould Fittings Manufacturers Operating On The Line Five-Step

First, assess the market, detailed planning

To mold accessories have good sales in the network, will have to figure out, do a detailed business plan. We can use Baidu and Google search keyword appears to analyze the results of the current industry situation, select familiar products to do it. At home, the mold is still in short supply, in particular precision, complex, long life molds. Variety of mold products often have plastic rubber mould, precision stamping parts, standard mould parts, non-standard precision mould parts.We must act according to the current industry situation, make substantive planning, to achieve the purpose of sales via the Internet. Detailed plan contains a selection of brand name, domain name, Web site building, Web promotion, online services, customer care, data analysis, and so on.

Second, segmentation product, reasonable price

Understand industry market, for us good pricing. We should be reasonable given the product list prices, price not too high and not too low, according to the product's use, such as type, model, features to product segments, resulting in more feature keywords. Compiled to categorize products, which will help us to do more accurate keyword, website high traffic and higher conversion rates.

Third, e-marketing, customer

Network marketing select high returns, like search engine marketing, soft news marketing, Forum, community marketing, e-mail marketing, and more. For search engine marketing, we have to be corporate website internal optimization, SEO search engine optimization, keyword selection, reasonable arrangement of key words, extended long tail keywords for soft news marketing, we can choose several portal news site to publish the soft article, than Fang Huicong NET nets, Phoenix news, Sina, NetEase,Gets visibility, credibility through Advertorials; for marketing forum communities, our industry forum now, such as the HC Forum, mold parts industries such as Alibaba Forum Forum; e-mail marketing, we can capture through software Alibaba and HC need to procure mold parts staff directory, by bulk mail software, to suck the customers.

Four, picked the right platforms, investment distribution

Offline, do mold accessories product business model and we do it on most of the retail and wholesale. So is online, we can choose more mature larger distribution platform, for example, Alibaba, HC. HC, HC block mold parts have come specifically to do, HC network hardware, and HC has across the country as early as 2006, die, metal, mechanical and electrical all know HC.

Five, quality after-sales, customer feedback

When we have orders, customers, and our customers on a regular basis, and good after-sales service. At the same time, we can send our latest promotions, coupons, discounts, rebates, gifts, and other ways to give back to the customer.

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