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Accelerate The Pace Of Technology Diffusion To Promote Development Of Mold Industry

The speed of new technology, control the rate of productivity, productivity improvement, industrial development is bound to promote. Therefore, accelerate the pace of diffusion of new technology, can effectively contribute to the development of mold industry.

New mold production technology research and development capabilities in China although not comparable with the developed countries, but in the area of China's research and development capacity in developing countries is also more prominent. However, lacked a good proliferation of new technology platforms in China, resulting in the promotion of new technologies, the proliferation speed is extremely slow, some mold-making enterprises stalled for lack of new mold making technology. The situation, not only wastes a great deal of scientific research resources, is not conducive to China's mould industry and technological progress.

Therefore, must be to accelerate the pace of spread of new precision mould production technology in China, to promote the development of China's mould industry. To speed up the diffusion of the new mold making technology, first of all, to establish a platform to promote technology combined with the mold industry. Collaborate on production and research, share new technology platform is a proven new technology diffusion platform of resources; Furthermore, the mold new technology service center can effectively contribute to the diffusion of new technologies.In short, mold industry should take advantage of all the ways to promote technology diffusion, accelerate the pace of diffusion of new technologies, thereby contributing to the development of mold industry.

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