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Injection Mold Material Is Subject To Favor Development Space Of A Large

Aluminum has been the injection mold material selection. General Motors research and Development Engineering Manager DavidOkonski society of Plastics Engineers said at a meeting in the near future, his company will use aluminum injection moulds. "Al will increasingly be used in automobile parts, this is the automotive industry as a whole into the mould technology to improve production of focus."

It is learnt that the Ford Motor Company had also been announced that aluminum for mould production. Other automakers are developing auto parts production. Okonski said that a car 450 plastic parts, aluminum molds to manufacture for 135. But automakers still maintain a very prudent attitude. For now, aluminum mold car molds are also unable to meet traditional criteria. This is why many mould manufacturer intends to carry out a long-term development plan. Expert analysis, mold materials are increasingly being applied to auto parts, will be driven to a large extent the continuous development of Chinese mold industry.

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