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Precision Parts Processing Advantages, Parts Knowledge Excerpt

The advantages of precision parts machining of precision parts machining center is developed from CNC milling machine. The biggest difference with the CNC milling machine is that the machining center has the ability to actively exchange the processing tool, after the tool magazine equipment for different purposes, can be in a clamping through the active tool change equipment to change the processing tool on the spindle, to achieve a variety of processing functions.

Precision parts knowledge excerpt

Precision parts processing equipment is suitable for large quantities, high precision, processing of chaotic, especially for the processing of arc, taper, etc. can serve. The advantages of precision parts processing of the industrial production, involving materials, processes, costs, the use of the number of issues, there are many parts can not be mass production through the machine, so that it is necessary to go through some special processes to small-scale or small precision parts processing, the center may also involve hand processing links. Generally, the main use of CNC, rapid mold, vacuum silicone re-molding and other processes to achieve small batch production.

The advantages of precision parts processing

The advantages of precision parts processing of small precision parts processing from single digit to three digits, is through the simple mold, soft mold, or direct processing out. Small precision parts processing is generally turning, milling, planing, grinding, clamping and other general machining processes, clamping the material, drawing lines, punching, tapping, etc.. Representative industries are aviation, aerospace industry, shipbuilding industry, construction machinery industry, machine tool industry, etc.. Typical representatives of large-volume production for the automotive industry, and the automotive industry, new models and engines and other trial production, as well as the main services for large-volume production of the mold industry is still classified as a single small-volume production.

The advantages of precision parts processing of small batch production can well save the time cost, material cost, and speed up the cycle of product launch. Small batch production is inseparable from the hand board model, the hand board model is the premise of small precision parts processing, and small precision parts processing is built on the basis of the hand board model.

The advantages of precision parts processing focus on small precision parts processing, to a large extent, can satisfy more personalized product customization. The progress of social civilization, the improvement of people's daily life level, in the pursuit of personalized material, gradually surfaced. Personalized days, personalized products, more expression of colorful rhythm of the day.

It happens that in the industry, small precision parts processing only with CNC, milling machine, lathe and so on a variety of industrial methods, more in-depth and accurate personalized products to achieve out. In the industrial processing, also faster, higher quality to meet the needs of the majority of customers.

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