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Concerned About Medical Supplies For Injection Molding

It is well known that medical supplies are high value-added products, to precision injection molding manufacturing medical products competitive advantage has become an irresistible trend, Singapore medical injection production applications are developed. However, in injection molding forums in China, netizens have lots of quality requirements for medical supplies are concerned, and one of them is as a result of radiation sterilization, injection part must retain its intrinsic quality, appearance does not change.

Due to the  high Price/performance , medical equipment, many also apply to various types of plastics, such as polyethylene (PolyEthylene/PE), polypropylene (PolyPropylene/PP), polystyrene (PolyStyrene/PS), these materials must be with excellent bio-compatibility, compatibility of blood and biological alternative, long-term contact with the body, blood, and can even be implanted. Plastics applications in the health care industry can be divided into: one, medical supplies or equipment, such as containers and disposable medical supplies; second, the repair of defect of human body materials, such as contact lenses, artificial skin, artificial bone; third, artificial organs, such as the artificial esophagus, vascular prostheses, artificial heart.

Sterilization method for injection molded parts using radiation sterilization for medical methods. Radiation sterilization methods but also created new problems, poor choice of plastic materials, injection molded medical devices will have an odor and discoloration, molecular changes. To anticipate these changes in many production and by the extent of testing procedures is becoming more complex. Radiation can damage plastic medical parts, makes polymer cross-linking or break down, the result is that the flexural strength, impact strength, tensile strength and elongation rate declined, leading medical injection parts failure.

To prevent medical radiation damage to the precision mold parts, we  must begin with the source. These principles include the right design, choose the right plastic material and the material for proper processing.

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