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High-End Die In Machine Tool Manufacturing Industry In China Basically Achieved Upgrade

Asia Champions League mode-Director General, International Secretary General Luo Baihui 7th in an interview with the media, said that after years of efforts, high-end mould machine basic realization of the "can do" to "can do" upgrade and across, however, mold machine tool manufacturing industry is still in the international division of labour and of medium and lower-end of the industrial chain, "relinquished" persists.

Luo Baihui point out that, in recent years, mold machine tool manufacturing industry in China strides, economies of scale achieved "from small to big" the rapid growth, rank first in the world for many years in a row. In the field of high-end products, the country has achieved "from scratch" breakthrough, high-end mould machine main specifications fulfilled by the "can do" to "can do" upgrade and across at the same time, universal promotion of the comprehensive quality of enterprise, a group with strong market competitiveness of enterprises began to emerge.

However, overall, the mould machine tool manufacturing industry in China is still in the international division of labor and industry, low-end, high-end product market is not sufficiently competitive, enterprises ' ability to provide integrated services for the high-end segment of the market is relatively weak, resulting in China's national economy and national defense security equipment requirements of priority areas remain heavily dependent on imports, dominated, which is especially acute in aviation manufacturing.

Luo Baihui, aviation manufacturing industry is the Crown of precision injection molding, providing equipment for the aviation industry and in particular for the Aero-Engine manufacturing and services represents a stencil machine tool manufacturing industry at the highest level, is also embodied in manufacturing strategy of mold machine tools status. In recent years, China's aviation manufacturing industry started to entered a period of rapid development, has made a series of major technological breakthroughs, formed a number of innovative developments.

Mold on Federal first win-win sharing Innovation Forum in Shenzhen, participants said, the lack of manufacturing processes to the user an in-depth knowledge and understanding, the ability to provide users with a comprehensive solution, the mold machine tool manufacturing industry the persistence of weaknesses highlighted, is restricting our high-end tooling and peripheral products into the high-end segment of the market, including the aviation manufacturing industry major obstacles in the area.

From Luo Baihui point of view, the current required to promote mold machine tools industry insight and take control of Aero-Engine manufacturing technology and equipment needs, increase for Aero-Engine manufacturing provides equipment and services in the field of comprehensive ability and level and promote the build platform of cooperation among enterprises of supply and demand, promote both sides deepened understanding, enhancing mutual trust, deepening cooperation in the development of cooperation to achieve common progress.

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