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Australia Molds Advantages

Australia's economy in recent years have developed rapidly, and there is continued growth momentum in the coming years. But as basic industries manufacture, particularly of stamping die manufacturing capacity to catch up with economic development needs, for this much-needed imported stamping die manufacturing technology and capacity, while China mould industry happen to have greater leverage in this regard, market prospects.The analysis are as follows: Chinese enterprise's technology and equipment level of stamping die than Australia. Currently the four automotive die enterprise with CNC milling machine 56, large 35 sets of high speed milling 5 units (spindle speed of 20,000 rpm 2). With a computer workstation, 143, 200 is equipped with various software, analysis software and reverse engineering software 8. Large coordinate measuring machine, 5 sets of debugging compressor 30 (1600 ton, 1400 ton, 1300 ton, 800 tons, 600 tons), spotting press, 16 sets of crane 30 tons and 15 tons, which far exceed Australia equipment levels.

China has adesign of stamping components and complete manufacturing and technical personnel and programmers, operation of CNC mill tooling skilled workers, fitter assembly and mold commissioning. China's labor wage level is lower than in Australia, currently has a production car stamping die ability, production capacity of enterprises in the years of manufacturing 200 sets to 400 sets of large and medium-sized stamping die, and business equipment load is not high, fully capable of manufacturing molds for australia.

The Australian automotive mold design and manufacturing software for UG, Pro-E, CATIA and Euclid, and the Chinese mold enterprise software is basically the same, can be shared, CAE analysis software and Simulation of molding analysis software are similar. This provides good condition for our foreign cooperation.

Australia Mold Association, Adelaide office, Melbourne die mould association expect much of China mold Market and manufacturing enterprises. This will create favorable conditions for Chinese exports die to Australia.

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