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Injection Gas Affecting Product Quality Air Tool Steel Solutions

Gas in plastic mold and precision plastic molding process produces gases will seriously affect performance, appearance and service life of the product, you must set the bleed, bleed air system to ensure the mold cavity pressure balance inside and outside to ensure smooth production of plastic products.

Appears in the plastic-filling process of injection mould gases are generally set exhaust system (mainly use exhaust ducts) excluded; at the time of release, some large module to set the bleed air system to a smooth release. If you use air tool steel is such a porous metal can be installed in the cavity wall niches, so that gas directly from the metal penetrates in the body, rather than specially designed exhaust, bleed air system, making plastic molds also have a good exhaust suction function.

Air tool steel using plastic mould industry can effectively solve problems in plastic die and mould industry, improving the productivity and market competitiveness of products, with good prospects of industrial application. Main performance in: 1) reduced injection pressure, reduced forming and insurance pressure time; 2) improve mold points type surface of tight fit, improve top rod and inlay pieces of tie performance, without using points type surface or other exhaust system, avoid waste side of produced; 3) can make due to poured mouth partial bit, and wall thick not uniform, and wall thin products, hard forming problem are solution and mitigation.

Comprehensive performance breathable metal molds good, has great prospects in industrial production to promote the use of.

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