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What Are The Main Requirements Of Precision Plastic Mold

Plastic mold is mainly used for molding plastic products, and plastic injection mold making cycle is shorter, the cost is also lower, so in the mold industry is widely used, so as a new technology products, precision plastic mold what is the primary requirements?

The precision of plastic mold refers to the scale of the parts, the shape of the orientation is accurate, do not allow deviation. The precision of the plastic mold and parts manufacturing, equipment level and measurement and viewing accuracy have a certain connection. Parts in the processing, according to the provisions of the tooling, alignment, adjustment and measurement, inspection, test fitting, otherwise it will make the processing accuracy of the parts can not meet the requirements.

Plastic mold processing on each appearance, are strictly enforced testing standards to ensure that its appearance roughness, scale errors, orientation errors, shape and orientation accuracy are within the control range. In addition, the mold in the installation, mold repair, but also to ensure that the scale of cooperation of the precision mold parts, especially for the molding parts and mold frame cooperation, more carefully adjusted to make them fit well to stop.

Precision plastic mold has the following requirements:

(1) high raw material requirements. Because the plastic is a thermosetting plastic, its coefficient of linear expansion is very large, and its internal stress is also very large, in the manufacture of precision injection molding machinery to take some technical measures to avoid this problem.

(2) Complex structure. The structure of the plastic part is complex, especially the shape is more complex, thin-walled easy to become brittle and warped parts, to plan a certain reinforcement rib, to avoid stress concentration phenomenon. At the same time, in order to ensure the quality and service life of the plastic parts, we must ensure that the scale of each part of the plastic parts is highly accurate and the external roughness is appropriate. The structure of precision plastic parts should be considered not only in the planning of the mold, but more importantly in the process of mold making to strictly control. Therefore, the confirmation of the plastic part molding process is essential to improve the yield.

(3) High precision requirements of the parts; the precision requirements of the mold are mainly reflected in the scale accuracy, and the mold should strictly implement the processing standards and criteria during the processing.

(4) The production cost of the parts is low. Because of the molding process and the characteristics of the mold, the price of the precision mold is much more expensive than the traditional mold, so the production cost of the precision mold is very high, and can only be used for a small amount of mold production.

Why to build precision mold

Precision molds are molds with very strict raw material requirements, short manufacturing cycle, and precise processing. The manufacturing process of this kind of mold usually involves many processes, which need to use very high-end precision machines to finish. This kind of mold manufacturing finished, not only the appearance is very beautiful, and the internal parts of the quality requirements are also very precise.

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