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The Market Potential Of Large Precision Mold Is Enormous

With numerical control processing equipment levels are increased,  more and more companies are increasing plastic mold development efforts, plastic molds have become a most attractive varieties of mold "cheese".

In recent years, the developing speed of China plastic mould  is very fast. At present, the proportion of plastic molds in mold industry as a whole is about 30%. With the China Automotive, household appliances, electronic communication, rapid development of various building materials, expected on the market in the future, plastic injection mold making will gradually increase in the proportion of the total, and will develop faster than other molds. A case study of automobile industry, as auto production and sales volume growth, auto mould the potential market is enormous.

According to the Secretary-General Luo Baihui International model introduced, large, precise, rational design of injection molds will be widely welcomed by the market. In the  production of the car, various functional parts are molded, manufactured only a passenger about more than 200 pieces of interior decoration mould and manufacture bumper, instrument panel, gas tank, steering wheel needed for medium and large plastic mould from mould production capacity, currently meets only about 50%. In the construction sector, plastics building materials a large number of alternative materials is a general trend, 2012 national plastic Windows and doors, and plastic pipe penetration is expected to reach 40%~50%, plastic drainage market share will exceed 50%, will significantly increase the demand for molds.

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