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Plastic Mold Manufacturer In Hong Kong Aimed At The Mainland Market

Due to the traditional export markets in Europe and the United States has no obvious signs, mould makers and custom injection molders in Hong Kong began to increasingly turn to the mainland Chinese market. UltraTech mould designing and manufacturing limited, for example, at present, the proportion of China's domestic business has grown from 2 or 3 years ago by 30% per cent, while the increase in the proportion of domestic, but sales remained at about $ 25 million in times of economic crisis.The company more focus on the export market, but now shift to the domestic market, adjacent to the Hong Kong built a number of mold and injection molding factory in southern China, employs 800 people. International suppliers of moulds and metal and plastic industries Association Executive Vice President and Secretary General of Luo Baihui said, is that many companies in Hong Kong towards the Chinese market trends. At present, Hong Kong enterprises aimed at areas of China's auto market and the Japan automobile manufacturer's factory in Guangzhou, these plants are growing in a traditional Japan looking for suppliers other than manufacturing base in order to achieve the objective of cutting costs.

Despite the thousands of Hong Kong-funded factories in the Mainland, but easy to molding technology (Hong Kong) limited instructions following the army said that mainland and Hong Kong have differences in business culture. And great emphasis on price competitiveness of the mainland market, in this regard, Hong Kong enterprises are often no match for rivals. Therefore, many Hong Kong companies try, do not select Chinese domestic brands, their main clients are multinationals managed to establish business in China.

UltraTech mold Cheong believes that Chinese brands are less willing to pay for quality, which has traditionally supplied the Western market is known for its quality is a challenge for Hong Kong enterprises. He said the advantage of first-class quality are listed, for example, the company recently became the first strict Germany China precision moulding company of automotive certification.

In recent years, the number of smaller Hong Kong mould makers have closed down or merged with their peers. However, enterprises in Hong Kong to the Chinese mainland market with interest. Already some Hong Kong Plastics molders, such as elite enterprises Holdings Limited has announced plans to plant built in China's interior area, specifically serving the local market.

According to the business development manager of the General Hong Kong Limited described AmenFong, 85% per cent of the company's business comes from exports, but they are still very important to the Chinese market. Fong said that the company is United States's premier plastic molders NyproInc. a company is a joint venture company and Hong Kong hopes Asiamold platform to strengthen its position in the local market and, in addition, they saw China's domestic brands will increasingly improve the quality of production requirements, and they also have enough financial strength as a support. "These enterprises is our objective. ”

General Hong Kong Limited in Shenzhen, Suzhou and Tianjin built mold-making factory. As a means of cutting costs, the company is considering will be double the size of their mold production plant in Shenzhen, and transfer part of the production factories in Hong Kong in the past, Hong Kong factory will in future focus more on research, product development and technology with a high level of projects.

Other Asian companies also saw the growing market demand in mainland China.

Singapore Express TechCo.Ltd., General Manager of LeongYokeMing said that there is no unified action in the domestic market, but growing business on the ground. The 150-person company in Singapore, the Jiangsu Province of China and Viet Nam to build a production plant. He said: "we found that increasing market requirements for quality, but local mould makers often failed to meet this requirement. ”

However, not all mold makers in Hong Kong aimed at China's domestic market. For example, limited friends die because of fierce price war in the mainland market and away from this market. It is learned that the friend die company mainly supply the toy industry, Mattel toy company supplies about 1500 a year die, about per cent of their total volume of die 15%. But the company is trying to diversify business, trying to open up new markets such as medical and precision electronics. Such new business growth--is 25%--per cent of total sales the company's sales in 2010 reached a new high, exceeding the sales level before the economic crisis. The company's United States an increase in customer orders, because United States companies greater cost-cutting pressure, want more Asian births die in order to reduce costs.

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