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Bathroom Mold Industry Is Very Hot And Prepare The Future Will To A New Step

Bathroom mold market began rapid development. 08 years the impact of the global financial crisis, overall development momentum remains good.

Expert analysis, domestic bathroom mold industry in the past, you can use a "little" up. First, the bathroom mould industry's relatively small size, per cent share of the furniture and building materials industry as a whole is very small. Second, the bathroom mold are not large in scale. Third, the bathroom mould industry's influence is very small.

Now, domestic bathroom mold there are a number of "hot", the "hot" manifested in the following aspects: first, the "cross-border hot", strong doors and Windows (window decoration renderings) plastic hardware (hardware decoration renderings), furniture hardware and kitchen (kitchen renovation renderings) to hardware electrical appliance enterprises have entered into this business. Past brand of bathroom mould industry mainly from the industry of building materials, floor.Luo Baihui think transboundary bathroom mold mould industry has several advantages: first, a strong brand awareness, more mature than the bathroom mold industry, have more influence. Secondly, home appliance mould industry is quite good, with lots of very good people. Third is the household appliance industry after entering the bathroom mold industry, sanitary ware is a whole home kitchen appliances products with, a very good concept. Sanitary ware stores is to integrate all times a good channel.

Household electrical appliance enterprises do bathroom mold, usually treat bathroom mold as accessory or ancillary products to do, this is many household appliance brands can't do bathroom mold is important a reason. Second is "investment fever", Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang and other places rich people started putting lots of money into bathroom mold industry. They generally pass directly to create a new brand, or professional bathroom mold brand of capital operation.Third is "brain fever", bathroom mold industry professional and advantage brands are seeking extraordinary development, hungry for talent and capital support. Extraordinary development of enterprise and brand capital across borders are strong, both forces squeezed to promote, talents in various economic sectors and into the bathroom mould industry, practitioners to improve the quality. In this series of heat phenomenon, driven by bathroom mold believe that the industry will reach a new level.

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