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Home Appliance Mould Industry: Mold Parts 80% Share

Appliance parts from China mould industry layout, home appliances plastic mold manufacturing concentrated in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shandong, appliance parts foam mould is concentrated in chuzhou area, primarily served by home appliance punch dies in Jiangsu. Around clusters of large home appliances Group services all types of mould enterprises, household electrical appliance enterprises supply system is guaranteed. According to Luo Baihui International mould Association Secretary-General investigation, the current domestic home appliance manufacture mould 80% per cent of market share, totally self-sufficient and domestic mold manufacturers in large LCD TV plastic mould, stamping components molding technology high requirements such as the back panel of the mold on the production is fully capable.

It can be predicted that large, precise, rational design (mainly for thin-wall products) precision injection molding of household electrical appliance enterprises attention. Fast response, fast parts delivery, for home appliance companies grab market share is also relying on advanced mold forming technology to guarantee, a case study of Haier, Haier molds purchased approximately 6,000 a year, worth more than 500 million Yuan, due to product design and development is integration with Haier Haier molds company, this Haier product quickly to market to save valuable time.

In 2011, the rapid economic growth in China and under the influence of the global economic rebound, China's mould industry attained a better recovery in post-crisis growth, total sales of the mold to about 124 billion yuan, an increase of 15%. China mould exporter, in addition to the traditional United States, and Japan and Europe and Southeast Asian markets, Brazil, and India, and Russia, and Australia and other emerging markets had borne fruit. At present, the molds are exported to more than 40 countries and regions.

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