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Japan Mold Advantage

Japan die industry has maintained a status of the world's powers first die and mould power, in 1998 at the peak of its domestic die total 1.8954 trillion yen.However, in the 10 years since then, although the production value or go up or down each year, but the overall situation is stagnant, so far has not been restored or over 1998 levels, precision mould making companies show a decreasing trend in the number.

According to Luo Baihui International mould and metal and plastic industry suppliers Association Secretary-General introduction, Japan except in many areas of central control technology, holds the most profitable link in the chain, to most other global markets joint venture plant assembling segment profit, this "nation" economic model, Chinese enterprises should also be a place of learning. Current need be wary of capitalists by creating public opinion and international hedge funds, exaggerating losses, siphoned funds that have a serious impact on global economic development, Japan capital to be pumped out, global industry association will be subject to very great impact.As a result of the global financial crisis and earthquake effects, Japan stencils

Automotive industry and semiconductor industry will decline.

At present, many companies order can be only Equivalent to  20~40% of its best year, many factories of underemployment, started only 3-4 days a week, some have started to collapse, businesses every month reduce the number.Faced with this situation, Japan mold sector is very worried about the brain drain, particularly concerned that some older and experienced talents going abroad. Brain drain will give Japan the future development of the industry adversely, how to deal with the current difficulties, has become Japan die industry a major issue. Japan die industry and relevant government departments, on the direction of its future development of the industry have a lot to consider.

From folk, Japan 6 main areas of development have been proposed, ① adopt new technology as much as possible, upgrading the level of digitization and Informatization; ② develop mold with new areas, such as new energy, new materials, and medical, aerospace and other fields; ③ extrusion mold industry chain; ④ diversification; ⑤ updated knowledge ⑥ well developed and the combination.

At the Government level, Japan's Trade Ministry has organized "technique on the shapes of the strategic study Committee", and issued a guide to belong to the nature of the technique on the shapes of strategy. Implementation of the goals of this strategy are clear, that is, "effect of having important material technology, to grasp the lifeline of the world manufacturing industry".

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