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Mold Powers From The Energy Saving As A Focus For Development

In recent years been promoting "energy-saving" and actively encouraged every enterprise in the country to save every ton of coal, each kWh of electricity, contributing to the construction of economical society. Mold industry as China's traditional industries, to positively respond to our call, "energy-saving" as the focus of development for the realization of "die power dream" efforts.

In response, industry experts say, domestic tooling companies first outreach education, enhancing the awareness of employees; to make the employees fundamentally understand the importance of saving energy. Domestic firms starting their own TV shows, newspapers, broadcasting, Blackboard newspaper, LAN, corporate Web site, seminars, set up multiple tools such as posters, placards, lasting energy-saving awareness, or by organizing energy-saving lectures and knowledge contests to make all the workers generally have a clear understanding of the importance of energy efficiency,Set a glorious, waste of shame, always and everywhere about saving energy-saving mode, making energy-saving work has been further deepened.

Secondly, we want to strengthen scientific management, highlighting the energy-saving focus companies to include objectives for energy conservation management, leaders at all levels should attach great importance to insist on three: planning production and at the same time planning for energy conservation at the same time, summary and summary of energy conservation while working at the same time; check the production and check the energy saving work carried out at the same time.

Third, we need to adopt new technologies, enhance the energy conservation technical innovation; advanced mould design and manufacturing technologies to be used to enhance computer-aided design and applications of numerical simulation in the design of the die, reducing waste in the mold design, optimize mould processing technology, reducing electricity consumption.

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