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Digital Technology Effectively Improve Productivity

Digital mold production technology can effectively raise the level of mold design, shorten the time for design to production, shorten the production cycle of mold, improve the quality of precision mould. Because digital mold production technology with the above advantages, in recent years it became a mainstream technology in automobile die production.

So-called digital mold production technology is computer technology, or computer-aided technologies (CAX) application in mold design and manufacturing process. Summary of domestic and international successful experience of application of computer-aided technology in automobile die, digital auto mould production technology includes the following main aspects: first, design for manufacturability (DFM), that is taken into account in design and analysis of manufacturability, ensures the success of technology. Second, the surface design of assistive technology, development of intelligent-design technology. Third, CAE computer aided analysis and simulation of metal forming process, predict and address the deficiencies and problems that may arise. IV, die structure design of three-dimension used to replace the traditional two-dimensional design. V, using CAPP, CAM and mold manufacturing process CAT technology. VI, under the guidance of the digital technology processing of address test mode and pressing problems in the production.

Six basic cover above the digital car dies the whole process of production, from design to testing, comprise the production system of automobile mould, represents the orientation of current automobile die manufacturing technology.

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