Fangling always adheres to the principle of reaching highest quality level regardless of any requirements from customers.  We use the quality control system and mold quality detection system as the guidance.  Quality is the foundation of Fang Ling’s existence.  With quality-centric, we follow up closely to the system of ISO 9001:2008 and keep strengthening quality awareness.  Our product quality 100 percent meets customers' quality requirements.

We understand it is essential to keep the quality as the highest level in addition to having highly-skilled technicians, advanced machineries, and state-of-the-art measuring equipment.  Our investments on a large number of precision machineries and measuring equipment show that we care very much for the quality.  For precision measuring equipment, we have NIKON projector, NIKON micrometer measuring device, TRIMOS height detection machine, 3D touch-probe measuring machine, and etc.  We guaranty that our customers always receive the best quality parts.

Our Quality Control team is independent from the part-production and mold assembly departments, and the team's role is to improve the quality and prevent faulty parts from happening again.  In addition to conducting 100% inspection on each part, our quality control crews constantly carry out full range of detections to avoid deviations.  If there is a problem, to fix it, the team tracks all steps of production process, and then a prevention report must be documented.

* Deviation detection: constantly measuring and checking the quality of the parts during the production process according to Parts Processing and Testing Standards.
* For tryout plastic injection molding, the testing room provides the test report with the customer's Product Diagram as a criterion.
* Molded plastic parts confirmation: auditing samples based on Test Report data and then confirming samples.
* Full Mold Inspection: the quality commissioner carries out disassembly-check for all molds and makes comparison in accordance with the quality requirements between the Customer’s Standards and Fangling’s standards to ensure that the installation details of every component are in compliance with quality and safety standards.
* Mold QA confirmation: The quality commissioner issues Mold Shipment Inspection Report and re-examines the test content and test results of the report issued, making sure that the molds get the full range of testing.
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