Mold machine tool enterprises in China should be out of the price competition turned to cultivating


Mold CNC machine tool industry in China started late, but demand for machinery and raw materials processing and other related industries support, the industry developed rapidly, also is growing. But so far, although the strength of enterprises has improved, is still at a course-grained business model. Due to excessive competition, product homogenization of serious, leading to gain only a few profit, also was constrained by many enterprise development.

Low price competition under adverse market conditions, many domestic manufacturers and brands are not prominent, lack of technical innovation, relies heavily on advanced foreign technology, lacking core competitiveness. At the same time, the rise in labor costs, coupled with rising raw materials also greatly increase the cost pressure in many enterprises. From the above phenomenon can be foreseen, intensive development mode will be mold NC machine tool enterprise development direction in the future.

Transition from extensive management to intensive management, namely changing low-tech, low management level and low economic efficiency, towards high technology, high content, high standard, high quality, high economic management economic way of doing business. Jin Mo-NET CEO Luo Baihui noted that mold NC machine tool industry need to cultivate skills, intensive development course, you first need to do is to change the idea, set up long-term development concept and develop feasible goals and plans.At the same time, enterprises need to come from price competition, turned to cultivating skills. focused on optimization of product structure, product quality enhancement, grasp of the core technology and innovation, and expanded brand influence. Of course, these changes require more money into enterprises, in this regard, the mold NC machine tool business needs according to their own circumstances, to scientific estimates of the input-output ratio of about the future, so as to selectively invest, a gradual transition.

Luo Baihui pointed out that intensive management to improve efficiency as the ultimate goal, take intensive growth route, be sure to to the "low cost, high output" work towards the goal of, this requires mold NC machine tool companies in many ways to proceed to the change. The one hand, businesses need to constantly improve the level of enterprise management, improve the overall effectiveness of management, rational optimization of sector structure, avoiding waste of human resources and time, and optimizing an organization's internal competitive mechanism, improve the professional quality of staff.

Luo Baihui believes that strengthening the close relationship with supply chain upstream and downstream enterprises to form competitive concentration of mould manufacturing, numerical control processing of CCP, for machine tool operators and mould enterprises, and to promote it competitiveness, expand market share, significance.

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