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The way of cooperation and orders process foreign investors want to know.


1. Customer Inquiry.
2. Quoted price: The business department promptly responds to guests' inquiries; determine the goods name, type, manufacturer, quantity, delivery date, payment method, packaging specifications and container type, and then make a formal quotation to the customer.
3. Get the order: After talks, receive the formal purchase order from the customer.
4. Place production order: Place orders to the factory after the receipt of order confirmation from the customer, and arrange production plan.
5. Business approval: Business department first makes a business audit table after the receipt of order.
6. Issue production notification: After determining the delivery, the business department can issue a production notification meet the following conditions, to notify the factory to produce on time.
7. QC test after the products are finished, and write test reports.
8. Apply to the customs and ship, make basic documents. The factory provides packing information,
make export contracts and export commercial invoice, packing list and other documents.

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