Build a complete Mold

In the pre-offer quotation stage, we see timeliness, fairness, and transparency as our principle.  According to the kind of mold you want us to develop, our professional engineers will make a competitive quotation with superior mold design.  We can offer you a variety of options based on the finished product’s characteristics, thus providing ultimate solutions for you to win the project.

Over the years, our mold-making department teams have accumulated their knowledge and experiences from the mold making standard and the conventional requirements from different regions (such as North America, Europe, and Japan).  We are able to make complex analysis and then to quote according to customer’s requirements.


Make a comprehensive analysis based on the product tolerance requirements, material usage, the molding process, and the other processes needed to achieve the best outcome.


Determine the mold type according to customer’s requirements, annual production, and product type.


Determine the optimal mold dimensions according to the technological characteristics.


Detail the breakdown prices of the mold price to ensure the comprehensiveness, reliability, and transparency of the quotation.


For a new product needed to be developed from scratch, our technical personnel can provide technical supports (mold simulation analysis, material diagram, and production process chart).

The professional engineering team in Fang Ling will provide you with the most competitive solutions for you to win the project competition.

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