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ISO Certifcate 2012~2015 Chinese

The quality management program has been started at the beginning of each case in Fang Ling. We fully implement the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system within the company. We provide customers with high-quality mold, design and production, so that customers can obtain greater profits, which is the consistent aim of our company. Our definition for quality is 100% customer satisfaction. This drives us to constantly improve the quality of staff and the process of products, in order to do our best in all aspects of the work.

Management Policy:
Innovation - always first go beyond yourself.
Services - provide perfect service for internal staff and external customers.
Responsibility - should have a strong sense of responsibility for businesses, families, and the whole society.
Common development - achieve the harmonious development of employees, businesses, customers, and the whole society.

Quality Policy:
Manufacturing first-class products, create first-class service, create first-class enterprise and create first-class management.

Quality Objectives:
100% ex-factory product pass rate   
98% finished product pass rate     
100% process implementation rate
100% customer complaints processing rate   
99% customer satisfaction rate

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