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About us

Our company was founded in 2004 as a medium-sized enterprise specialized in manufacturing precision plastic-injection molds and spare parts (i.e. cylinder parts, ejector pins, and any customized parts) with precision as low as 1 micron.  We have highly-skilled technicians, advanced machineries, and state-of-the-art measurement equipment. Quality is the foundation of Fangling’s existence. With quality-centric, we follow up closely to the system of ISO 9001:2008 and keep strengthening quality awareness.  The product quality 100 percent meets customer’s quality requirement.
We have comprehensive machining processes in our factory:

--Flat & profile grinding machines (x 31 machines)
--Profile Grinding Machine (x 1 machine)
--CNC Wire-cut EDM machines (x 6 machines)
--CNC High-speed milling machines (x 4 machines)
--CNC Electrode discharge machines (EDM) (x 14 machines)
--Centerless Grinder machines (x 4 machines)
--Punch Grinder machines (x 8 machines)
--Hard Turning Machines (x 4 machines)
all State-of-the-art machining equipments from Japan such as Mitsui、Roku-Roku、Sodick、Seibu

--2.5D measuring machine
--3D touch-probe measuring machine

ease see "Equipment List" under the section Our Capability.

The main customers of the company are in the fields of automobiles, electronics, connectors, medical, mobile phone, and etc. It has set up good business relationship with major companies from Japan and Germany and gained good supports and trust from customers.  With “ Quality is Our Priority” in mind, our company has built up long-term cooperative relationship with customers who care for quality.
We are very committed to training personnel to reach a higher standard of work skill.  We have put up a large number of training programs to enhance our technicians' work skills which in return will guarantee the steady progress of the company.  With "Precision production, Excelsior" in mind, we are dedicated to providing customers with the best spare parts and molds in highest quality.

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